Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Ride To Uncertainty

"The rider is not sure what drives most people.  Too many find comfort in controlling all things that surround them, and they appear most pleased when they can predict the seconds, hours and days ahead.  There is always a's all about the plan.  Without the plan, and the illusion of control,  they find themselves lost and crippled by uncertainty.  They can't define themselves beyond the plan.  He watches them carefully lay out a blueprint;  oblivious to the static that he has decoded into a clear perspective of what it really is to be alive.

They surround themselves with buffers and virtual airbags, and seem to painstakingly remove every element that has brought them into being.  They control the temperature, the pace, the air, the direction, the wind, the water and the radiation of the sun...all of which has nourished them into existence.  They have forgotten.

Time?  It is the enemy in the eyes of the great plan makers.  Time always a worthy adversary that needs to be defeated in order to move into the next phase of the plan.  Time can never be defeated, and it is that very nemesis that will be the undoing of the the end time wins without fail.  They can't clearly see that no matter the outcome of any plan, it is eventually decimated and crushed by time; the ultimate destroyer wielding the sword of decay.

The rider witnessed fantasies and dreams come to reality for himself, as well as to a multitude of others, but he had never seen a single one of them come into view solely as a result of a plan.  There has always been other elements equally important at hand.  Risk, passion and a nod of approval from a lady that has never been seen, yet all acknowledge her hand in all matters.

Risks are to be taken, for without risk there is no reward.  A rider knows risk well, as well as reward.  The rider knows where he is going, even if there is no plan ahead.  He knows where he is, even when lost.  The elements that have brought life to him are embraced at the moment, as well as the next.  Time really doesn't exist when he is defying a plan.  It is simply about now, and now, and now.  He is aware of the wind, the rain, the fire and rather than to try and control those elements, he holds them close with respect.  The rider wants to feel everything because he is keenly aware it may be the last sense he will ever experience.  The rider knows that in the end all things will equal out and that the only difference between himself and the others is the road, the lessons and the scenery along the way.

Regret is not of concern, because he is always at peace with the chaos;  the same chaos that destroys so many.  The riders ability to confront chaos, and suckle it, is what forges confidence and gives him the ability to overcome the obstacles that lye on the asphalt of life.  The rider takes his time for he knows that he can always attain more wealth, more respect, more fame...but that the most precious of things, the now, can never be regained.  It has been spent and never to be earned again;  The rider will never bow to anyone who attempts to waste, or squander away this gift he posseses.  He would rather fade away un-recognized or kick that offender to the curb, rather than have it stripped from his grasp; having an intimate knowledge of this treasure gives him far more compassion, loyalty and respect for others who he would meet on all crossroads.  It is his clear advantage, as well as his hidden Ace.

In the end, the rider controls what he knows he can control and respectfully concedes to those forces he cannot.  In the end, he is thankful he was lost for he gained vast experiences, and insight, that could not be seen from the line walked by so many.  In the end he cherished every hardship as deeply as every victory.

In the end, the rider smirked as he gazed upon the controller, for they were in the exactly the same place, on the same road, at the same dead end. 

The controller had nothing to control any longer and all that he had worked for was gone...and he missed all he had attained...and for what.  All he had to remember was the struggle, and the material bullshit, and could not remember the journey.  Time truly had played him; giving the planner the illusion that he was in control.

The rider simply embraced the now.  He had made time his ally. Whatever came down the road he handled with care and ferocity.  The rider was never really disappointed because he was free to waiver from the walking line and still had everything he had ever loved still with him in vivid recollection...even at the dead end.  He missed nothing, for it was all with him.  He had no regrets, not because he didn't care, but because he lived his way, with the acceptance there was no guarantees.

In the end, the rider was content and balanced; now...isn't that really the whole damned master plan?"


Learning to Golf said...

Beautiful words my friend. More than that they are TRUE and in the past I have LIVED those words.

Somewhere over the past few months I seem to have forgotten the passion that drove me towards a lack of concern for time. For just heading out and picking the fork that wasn't planned when making THE PLAN.

Now when time belongs to me and not the chase I find I am wasting a lot of it worrying about it.

Thanks for the kick in the ass I needed exactly when I needed it!!!!

Unknown said...


I know exactly what you are saying. I had much more time this year for my trip so I planned to not have a plan, except I had to meet a few others along the way and had to be respectful of their time too.

I am thinking that your unplanned move to UT may have been the best thing that happened.

Riding the Wet Coast

Kathleen Jennette said...

*Smiling* You are content with the Plan. Your quote is perfect: "The riders ability to confront chaos, and suckle it, is what forges confidence and gives him the ability to overcome the obstacles that lye on the asphalt of life."

I agree with Bob: Moving was a good thing for you mind and soul.

DennRock said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about that bike Morgan? The suspicious side of me says it's a recent build, and a creatively aged photo.

Valerie said...

Very interesting post!! Keep up the work!

Max Paganetti said...
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