Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Next Chapters - My Word

Wholly shit!  It's been awhile, and I guess I've done the exact thing that pisses me off most about people...I disappeared.

I took down all of my old posts for two reasons.  One reason being that I was so broke ass that I couldn't keep the domain server that had all my snaps and videos on it.  I lost everything...pffftt...whatever.  So a lot of the old posts were no longer any good because the links were all jacked.  The second reason is that I felt I needed to start over for some reason.  I have a new chapter starting in the book of life and want to move on with certain things.  I will probably resurrect old stories from time to time just for the hell of it, or, when I'm too lazy to write anything.

Here is the short version of where I have been;  I left my business in the hands of my partner.  After the 2008 economic downturn, I just could not bring the business back up.  I was getting mighty sore working 16 hour days and not being able to pay myself.  Bec has pretty much kept us afloat for awhile.  Being somewhat a humble, but proud hombre' I held onto it as long as I could, but then came to the realization that it was not fair to Bec to keep it running.  I was looking for a way out.

My mother fell and broke here shoulder in several places and after surgery and rehab bounced back.  Then she fell and broke her neck...something called the "hangman's break".  It's a miracle that she is still alive, let alone a greater gift that she is not paralyzed from the neck down.  On top of it, she just fell again and broke a couple of ribs.  My father is getting up there in years and I have promised both of them that I would never put them in a old folks home.  I promised that I would take care of them.  I needed to find a way back home.

Salinas was kinda' a shit-hole honestly.  I was getting tired of constantly having to deal with dick headed gang members and crazy folks on a daily basis...especially when the laws of CA prohibited me from even being able to defend myself reasonably.  I can't count how many times I had to "lay hands upon" in my Salinas run.  (Besides...getting too old for that shit anymore.)  Kids were getting shot and/or killed weekly.  The educational system in CA was ranked 48 in the nation.  WTF?  I needed to get the kids someplace else...one down, two to go.

Bec and I decided to sell everything that we possibly could.  We basically only took our mattress, a desk and a few other things we could not part with.  The TV, the stereo, the microwave, cd's, movies, furniture....pretty much everything got sold so we could afford to move to Utah. 

No.  I didn't part with the bike...even though I maybe should have, but Bec never asked me to sell it.  I was almost about to put it up for sale but things worked out so I could keep it.  Thank you Bec...you kept your word.

We had a long, expensive legal battle with the step sons father so that we could make the move.  It was the biggest waste of time I have ever experienced in my lifetime.  It's amazing how straight up dumbass some folks can be.  In the end, we were ALLOWED to move just as we expected.  I could have solved this old school with a good sit down convo coupled with common sense...but it appeared that the other party just didn't possess any of that.  What a fucking waste of time and money.  The result was the same.  Should have gone old school and just whooped some ass.   Even though we prevailed, I still feel like I got ass-fucked somehow.

BUT...Now I live is a place that is so awesome I need to kick myself in the ass sometime just to make sure I'm not dreaming.  I live in a cabin up in Wasatch Mountains.  Every night I sit on the deck and watch Deer in the front yard.  Elk, Moose, Cougars, as well as a bunch of other critters are my neighbors.  I can fish in over a dozen lakes...the furthest a 15 minute ride away.  I can target shoot in the back yard without a SWAT teams magically appearing out of nowhere.  I can bow hunt with my brother, or chop down a few dead trees for winter heat.  I'm so happy right now I don't know what to do with myself....AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF!....I live is some of the best motorcycle riding territory in the country.

Bec has already moved up as a manager for a couple of restaurants in Zermatt/Homestead Resorts.  I have a full time job now, that oddly enough, only requires 8 hours of work!  Can you believe that crap?  The real bonus is I can actually cash the checks I get now...pfffttt....still have a drawer full of old checks that I will never be able to cash.  Heh, whatever...that shit is history now.  Any of my brothers and sisters who have already hooked up with me are welcome anytime.  Bec gets a bitchin' discount on rooms.

I hope the business I built stays there and is successful.  I still own my part of it, but I just couldn't stay long enough to see it through.  I feel like I did everything I could, and then some, so there is no regret whatsoever.  I did what I said I was going to do.  I was honorable and honest.  I worked hard and sacrificed.  I kept my promise to everyone.  I fulfilled my obligations...at that is what this life is really about now isn't.  Even though at times, I thought I might be a dumbass for hanging in there, I realize it really wasn't about success...it really was about keeping your word.

I'm keeping my word to my folks now, and that just feels damn right.  I'll be close enough to see them through the tough roads ahead.  I'm keeping my word to my wife to do my best always for her.  I'm keeping my word to myself to find my way back home...no matter how far I may have traveled, or how lost I may have been at times.  I'm keeping my word to my road brothers and sisters by continuing to share my road experiences and by trying to be there for them when they need it.  It may have seemed selfish to some...but I absolutely needed to keep my word to myself here also.  Hope you understand.

I just wanted to humbly thank my soul brother WillyD by saying;  "Thank you brother for always being there.  Thank you for helping me out when I needed it most.  Thank you for taking the time to show me how to fix my ride in a pinch.  Most of all, thank you for being my friend and brother.  I deeply appreciate all you have done for me and the time we spent tearing up black top together.  I do miss you bro.  We are going to do it again soon...you have my word."

Brothers and sisters...keep your word.  It's all you have at the end of the day.  I know this without a doubt...even if it's long overdue, or seems pointless at times,  just keep your word.  That is truly where bad-ass is found.


John Evans said...

Dave --

Good to read that post.

You voted with your feet, sounds like. The hell with California. Deer in the front yard beats the menacing streets of Salinas any day.

Keep writing.

Unknown said...

Dave & Bec:

good luck with your new life. I'm so happy that things are working out. As you say, it's a new chapter. I often think of you and I was so close on my last trip but I was time challenged.

I would never pass through UT without trying to see both of you

Riding the Wet Coast

Canajun said...

Sounds like you've found a little bit of Eden there. Having just been in southern Utah for the first time ever I can understand the attraction. If the rest of the state is half as beautiful you are in an awesome place.

Learning to Golf said...

Congratulations Dave!!!!! Sounds like the move will work for everyone of the most important people in your life!

Carefully what you wish for though, I heading for map to find a route up your way. Will I need a fishing license?

Unknown said...


I beat you to it. I have already zero'd in using Google Maps but I don't think I could afford to stay at that Resort. It looks very pricey

Riding the Wet Coast

Dave said...

Anytime paul. $65 a night for a room that goes for $200, or you can sleep on the carpet here. license is cheap online...if you feel like playing it safe.

mq01 said...

Viking Dave!!!!! YAY! i am sooo glad you're back!! and i am sooo happy for you, bec, and family! it sounds like things are really turning fabulous! YAY! i've ridden wasatch a little, that's gorgeous country! you must be over the moon happy! :D

it seems like when we can get over ourselves (money, commitment, fear, ego, familial roots, etc.....), and put the important stuff first, that all kinds of happiness comes flooding back tenfold! YAY!

so i'm curious; what kept you in salinas so long? was it fear? or ego? or more? both? all?

"There is stick-to-it-iveness and there is getting entangled; stick-to-it-iveness is strength and entanglement is weakness. You must know the difference." ~Miyamoto Musashi, the book of five rings (as translated)

ugh! i've been fighting a move myself. i keep wondering, in my case, is it duty, ego, or just stupidity now. LOL. hence the quote above. my gut knows it's time, and, it wont let me forget it. and it seems like the more i fight it, the worse things (feel like they) get. so thats why the question above.

eck, sorry, you don't have to answer if you want to keep it private. its all good. i'm just curious, nosey, comparing...... you know... :) i've missed picking your brain i guess. ;)

welcome back! and best wishes to you guys up there!!!!!!!

Dave said...

you are welcome anytime Bob

Dave said...

Its awesome. Thanks canajun

Dave said...

the only thing I miss is some of the people like yourself. California is not bad but honestly I don't miss anything as of yet. it's good to hear from John

Dave said...

MQ I think that you're right on all counts and now I think about it The Five rings statement matches best. it was really difficult to make the move but now I'm done with it it's probably the best thing I've done in a decade or so. thanks for the words.

Gary France said...

It is great to read the update Dave as along with others no doubt, I have been wondering what happened. Having ridden in the Wasatch Mountains (at your suggestion) I can sort of picture the area that you live – very nice. Sorry to hear about the old posts on your blog, but hey, it’s a sort of cleansing ready for the new start. Good luck for the future buddy, I wish you all the best.

Kathleen Jennette said...

You aren't on my feed anymore! I'm going to have to get you back on. I am so glad everything has worked out for you and your family. I couldn't help but smile throughout reading your whole post. It made it all worth it for you and I look forward to hearing more about your wonderful life in your new home.

Willy D said...

Why did you leave out the part about dropping Tramp again?

Stopped by the coffee-shop the other day; it looked like a Hobo daycare center.

You were absolutely correct in getting out of this f’ing city. You did your part in trying to make it a better place, but some shit just ain’t worth saving. You’ve earned the right to regain your sanity. Enjoy it!

Webster World said...

Glad to hear all is well. As you stated you kept your word. Not just to others but most of all to yourself. And now it is paying off.

WooleyBugger said...

Well son of a bitch. Here I kept coming back to se if ya posted and finally four months later there ya is/were. Hope things are working in your favor now and I'm damned jealous about the cabin and surroundings. Some guys just have ALL the luck.